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V Laroche photographed by Kevin Warnock – picture 4, July 15, 2012

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V Laroche photographed by Kevin Warnock, July 15, 2012, San Francisco, California USA

I photographed V Laroche on July 15, 2012 at my house in San Francisco, California USA.

V is perhaps the most experienced model I have yet photographed.

She told me she has completed over one thousand photo shoots.

I took this picture of V with my Canon 5D Mark II camera with a Canon 135mm soft focus lens set to sharp.

Click on this picture twice to see it at full 21 megapixel size.

The white silicone rubber watch V is wearing is made by Modify Watches.

V has no other silicone in or on her body, in case you were wondering.

Click here to see all the photographs of V Laroche that I have published to this blog.

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