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MacKenzie Grissom photographed by Kevin Warnock – photo 1, September 29, 2012, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California USA

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MacKenzie Grissom photographed by Kevin Warnock - photo 1, September 29, 2012, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California USA

Today, September 29, 2012, I photographed 19 year old model MacKenzie Grissom. She started modeling when she was 15.

Except for lipstick and eyeliner, MacKenzie is wearing no makeup.

She’s studying Business Administration in college, the first model with that major I have photographed. She told me she plans to earn an MBA after she completes her undergraduate education.

We created this photograph in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

This was MacKenzie’s first visit to Golden Gate Park. She got an intense introduction to Golden Gate Park, because we entered the park at Haight Street and Stanyan Streets, where dozens of hippies routinely hang out. We were offered drugs, despite the fact that a San Francisco Police Department car was parked 30 meters away, in plain site and fully marked.

The weather was beautiful, and lots of people were out. There were multiple games of soccer underway in the park, with portable goal cages set up for the elementary school age children that were playing.

This photograph was one of the final shots of the afternoon session, which started at 2pm and concluded at 5pm.

Haight Street was lively, but less lively than during shoots I completed last month, when it was mobbed with so many tourists I had genuine difficulty taking pictures that contained just the model.

I ran into my friend Aimee on the street and we said hello, but didn’t stop to talk since I was in the middle of the shoot. It was nice to see you Aimee.

I also had a lovely conversation with Anna, an employee at the Skunkfunk boutique at 1475 Haight Street, San Francisco, California USA. I photographed Heli Patel there on August 6, 2012, in the doorway, looking over the women’s clothes the Skunkfunk sells. Anna had introduced herself to me then and asked me to send her a link to the picture if I posted it. I did, and she invited me to stop in to take more pictures in the future. I didn’t take any today because the store was preparing for a big party for this afternoon, and it didn’t seem right to try to take pictures while their staff was busy getting ready. Skunkfunk made this picture I took of Heli its Facebook Profile picture for over a month, which was very flattering. Heli had never modeled before my shoot with her, so I suspect it was particularly exciting for her to get some exposure after her first shoot.

I took this picture with my Canon 5D Mark II camera. To see the picture at full resolution of 21 megapixels, please click on it twice in delayed succession.

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