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Sophia Julianne photographed by Kevin Warnock – shoot 2, picture 2, July 16, 2012, Union Hotel, Benicia, California USA

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Sophia Julianne photographed by Kevin Warnock - shoot 2, picture 2, July 16, 2012, Union Hotel, Benicia, California USA

On July 16, 2012 I photographed Sophia Julianne for the second time.

Normally I publish my favorite images from a photo shoot in daily succession. In this case, however, I published the 1st picture from this series on August 5, 2012.

Today, Friday, November 23, 2012, I present to you my 2nd image from my July 16th shoot.

This photo shoot was at the very lovely Union Hotel in Benicia, California, USA. At the time of the shoot, Sophia lived in Benicia, so I went there for the shoot. Sophia has since moved to Hawaii, but she has assured me that she plans to return to California in the not too distant future. I get so many compliments on my photographs of Sophia that I’d like to continue to photograph her. She told me she gets many compliments on the photographs I took of her, so I suspect that even if a couple of years pass before she moves back to California that we will do a third photo session together.

The Union Hotel was built in the middle of the 19th century, and it has the charm you would expect of such an old building. The furniture is antique. The staff is warm and attentive. The décor is sumptuous well beyond the affordable price. I am so pleased that I booked this room that I plan to do future photo shoots there. Parking was easy and without charge, and the location is ideal, just a block from the water. If you’ve never been to Benicia, I recommend an overnight visit.

The first time that I photographed Sophia was on May 23, 2012. I discovered Sophia on Model Mayhem. My May 23rd shoot was the sixth photo shoot Sophia had ever done.

I photographed Sophia with my Canon 5D Mark II and my Einstein flash system by Paul C. Buff. The Einstein system is the best flash system I’ve ever used, far better than systems that I have used by Speedotron and Elinchrom. That the Einsteins are far, far less expensive than those systems is simply astonishing. Paul C. Buff will probably find itself declining acquisition offers, and I sure hope they decline the offers, because I love dealing with Paul C. Buff. They answer the phone and know what they are talking about, with no wait. I have two units now, but hope to fill out my system with more light modifiers.

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