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Michelle Audria Floodman photographed by Kevin Warnock – shoot 1, picture 3, December 11, 2004, San Francisco, California USA

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Michelle Audria Floodman photographed by Kevin Warnock - shoot 1, picture 3, December 11, 2004, San Francisco, California USA

On December 11, 2004, I photographed Michelle Audra Floodman.

Today, Thursday, January 31, 2013, more than eight years later, I present my 3rd picture from that shoot to appear on this blog.

I took this picture on the  second deck in the backyard of my house in San Francisco, California USA with my Canon 10D digital SLR camera.

Click on the image of Michelle Audria to see it at full size.

I didn’t have a blog in 2004, so I never self published these pictures I am about to show you. I did publish some images of Michelle to my One Model Place page, since deleted, that I had back then, and I even have one picture of Michelle on my current Model Mayhem portfolio.

I photographed Michelle three times. It is quite rare that I photograph one model more than twice. That tells you that I liked working with her, and that I think she’s photogenic. I have eleven photographs from the first shoot to present, and even more from the second and third shoots. Michelle makes her own clothes, and the clothes got more inventive as time passed. I think you’ll be impressed — I was. Michelle inspired me to want to make my own clothes, and I have been looking at sewing machines and serger machines with wishful eyes. I have too many other projects going on right now, but several years in the future I can see making my own clothes. I am not certain Michelle made the clothes she wore in her first session with me. When I am certain about an outfit, I will tell you.

Michelle’s One Model Place modeling portfolio is still online. One of the pictures from my second shoot with Michelle Floodman is still on Michelle’s own portfolio — that was a surprise.

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Click here to see all the photographs of Michelle Audria Floodman that I have published to this blog.

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