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Kevin Warnock self portrait, June 9, 2012, San Francisco, California

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Kevin Warnock self portrait, June 9, 2012, San Francisco, California USA

I set up my tripod and camera in my living room today, June 9, 2012, and took this picture of myself by self timer.

The clock in the background belonged to my late grandfather Russell Lawall, my mother’s father. I inherited it when he passed away in 1994 at age 91.

This clock is eight feet tall, and was manufactured by The Herschede Hall Clock Company, then in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

The clock has a plaque inside the door that says:

Panama Pacific International Exposition 1915
Grand Prize

My clock repair expert, Stone Lantz, told me that all clocks made by Herschede Hall for many years after that grand prize win carried this plaque. I was disappointed, as I thought the plaque meant my actual clock had been on stage in San Francisco, California USA to win the prize.

That’s real gold and silver on the clock face, Lantz says. There is painting at the top, visible in this picture, that rotates once per month. The clock works, but is not particularly accurate compared to my mobile phone, so I don’t keep it wound. I did keep it running for the first several years I had it. But getting clocks like this repaired is going to get more difficult as years pass, so I figure it’s better to take it out of daily service while it’s still working well. The chimes work, and you can turn them off with a lever.

This clock is one of my most prized possessions. My mother did not want it because her father did not acquire it until after she had moved away from home. As a result, she never developed a deep affection for it. I have many fond memories taking naps in my grandparent’s living room each afternoon I was there visiting. This clock was in that room, and the chimes went off every 15 minutes, so it’s not a surprise that I remember this clock so well and felt so strongly about not seeing it sold in the estate sale. This clock cost me USD $1,000 to move from Illinois to San Francisco, which was a lot of money to me in 1994. But I have zero regrets about keeping this clock in the family. I get more compliments about this clock than anything else that I own.

I took this picture with my Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera. Click on the picture twice to see it at full size, which is 21 megapixels. I saved it as a maximum quality .jpg file.

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