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I ordered a Nikon D800 camera today

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Nikon D800 camera illustration. Image from

Nikon D800 camera illustration. Image from

When I was in photography school at Brooks Institute, a poor quality school I suggest you avoid, my 35 mm camera was a Nikon FM2. I still have it.

I preferred my Omega 45F 4 x 5″ view camera, so I probably have only shot fewer than 100 rolls of film with the Nikon. I still have the 50mm F1.4 lens and the 105mm F2.5 lenses as well, and they are in near mint condition.

About 7 years after I graduated, I switched from Nikon to Canon. I have four Canon lenses, including the 16-35mm L and 80-200mm L zoom lenses. I even have a Forscher Pro Back to shoot Polaroid test shots. That was a costly item – far more costly than the camera. I think it was about USD $700 in 1994.

My current camera is a Canon 5D Mark II. This takes great pictures when they’re in focus. But due to its having a mediocre quality auto-focus mechanism, more than half of all the pictures I take are out of focus! This makes me look bad to my subjects, I fear. I give my models all the pictures at the end of shoots, so there are tens of thousands of fuzzy pictures of mine out in the wild. This is not an ideal situation.

Canon finally has reportedly fixed their auto-focus problem on their new Canon 5D Mark III, which costs USD $3,499.00 and is in short supply such that there is a wait to get one. Since focusing is so important, I was planning to buy the Mark III. But then I started reading about the new Nikon D800, which costs $500.00 less and reportedly has a great auto-focus mechanism with automatic face detection, something the Mark III lacks. I would love face detection, since I specialize in photographing models at wide aperture, where critical focus is important.

The Nikon D800 camera captures a stunning 36.3 megapixels, or ~14 more megapixels than the new Mark II from Canon. I have been in love with high resolution since I first shot 4 x 5″ film in school. I’ve read that 4 x 5″ film contains about 50 megapixels of detail. If true, that means the new Nikon is getting close to 4 x 5″ but without the huge cost and hassle of shooting people with such a large camera.

I will still be able to use my old Nikon lenses in manual focus mode with the D800, and my Canon lenses are actually still valuable to others on EBay and Craigslist. As a result, today, on June 22, 2012, I ordered a new Nikon D800 from web retailing giant Amazon. The D800 is out of stock, so it may be months before my new camera arrives, but I wanted to let you know even better pictures will soon be posted on this blog.

I am one of the few photographers that posts his work at full camera resolution, and I plan to continue that when I begin shooting with the Nikon D800.

The impressive illustration above of the Nikon D800 is from the website Nikon Rumors.

My dentist Gregory Chong already has a Nikon D800, and he called me today after he saw a post of mine on the social network website Facebook asking for feedback from my friends that own one. Chong is a good photographer, and I recommend his work. Chong decorates his office with framed prints that are lush and perfectly executed.

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June 22nd, 2012 at 11:00 pm